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Business Networking Solutions

Kimberlee Communications is pleased to announce that it has extended its network cabling capability. We can now provide Cat5/6 structured cabling solutions to meet the needs of your business. As part of this service will we:

  • Provide an extensive on-site survey at a time to suit you
  • Design a solution that meets your needs and suits your budget
  • Act as a single point of contact for all on-site activities in the case of a location move
  • Project manage your services such as ISDN30, PBX, Electrical, Cat5 etc
  • Install all associated networking equipment such as Ethernet Switches, Wifi Access Points, 19" racks, Broadband Routers etc
  • Provide end-to-end connectivity tests on all network ports and throughput tests to an agreed percentage of ports
  • Acceptance and handover certificate on completion

In addition to the above we can also install Business grade Analogue, Digital or IP PBX solutions.

Network Cables


Wifi Access Point and Point to Point Wireless Bridge

Extending the reach of your local network with cable isn't always technically possible or indeed practical. Installing a duct can be expensive, time consuming  and in some cases simply not feasible. At Kimcomm AV we have responded to our customer requirements by gaining accreditation to design, install and manage Ubiquiti Wifi Access Point and Wifi Bridge links for the following applications:

  • Simple network extension from home to an outbuilding - i.e holiday rental accommodation or home office
  • Enabling HD-IP CCTV cameras to be installed hundreds of metres from the central DVR/NVR
  • Enabling Wifi distribution to holiday/caravan parks with point to multi-point Wifi distribution
  • Enabling farm buildings and infrastructure to be monitored via IP security/cctv systems 
  • Connection of several remote offices/buildings back to the central office
  • Provide shared Wifi access to a community such as village halls, sports centres, meeting rooms etc

We have installed several Wifi systems using Ubiquiti NanoStation 2.4 and 5Ghz access points - delivering upto 300Mbit/s throughput at distances in excess of 500 metres. If this is something you are considering or have a need for then please get in contact. We will complete a radio line of sight survey free of charge and provide a quotation based on a network design that complies with your requirements.


Wifi Spectrum and Interference Analysis

 Kimcomm AV can undertake Wifi network spectrum analysis - sounds good doesn't it? Well, if you are not getting the Wifi performance you think you should be there are reasons for that and we can help determine the cause of the problem. If you look at the diagram above you can see a waveform view of a typical 2.4Ghz wifi network. The middle Waveform view has three distinct "humps" representing Wifi activity at those particular frequencies. In this case they represent Wifi channels 1, 6 and 11 and are not causing any interference with each other. The Waterfall view at the top shows RF activity in a time lapse mode so we can see what was transmitting when. The bottom view is a real-time activity monitor - very useful for trying to detect interference spikes etc.

In fact, in this diagram Channel 1 is activity from a Sonos Bridge to Play 3 speakers, Channel 6 is a Wireless Access Point and Channel 11 is from a Wifi router. We can also determine RF power levels as well.

Furthermore, by using a tool such as WifiPerf we can determine data throughput, RF signal levels, encryption etc etc and using a Wifi mapping tool we can determine wifi dead spots and ideal locations to place wifi repeaters.

We would love to assist you and your home or business in achieving the optimum Wifi performance - give us a call on 01905 753605 or 07793065448 or contact us via the contact us page.

Of course we can also provide Digital TV, Satellite, Digital Radio, CCTV and Audio Visual services for your office or Business.

We have recently added the design and installation of 3G or 4G Antennae and Router solutions for Broadband back-up or primary networking requirements.

For further information please contact us on 01905 753605 or complete the form on the CONTACT US page.

We can also provide a number of customer site references should you require something more than words to ponder over.

Kimberlee Communications accepts the following credit/debit cards for payment via secure Chip and Pin.

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KIMCOMM AV is a new type of communications company providing a wide range of Digital TV, Satellite, CCTV, Audio Visual and Network services to residential and business customers in the county of Worcestershire.