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5G Mobile Digital TV Re-tune Events

Dates have been announced by Ofcom for the next reshuffle of the Digital TV (Freeview) spectrum to make way for 5G mobile broadband services. For the Midlands DTV transmitters, including Sutton Coldfield, Malvern, Bromsgrove and Ridge Hill, the work starts from February 2018. Some of you may have been impacted by the still recent 4G re-tune and may have required 4G filters to be fitted or aerial re-alignment. This was because the 4G transmit frequency (800Mhz) and channel (61) bordered up against the Freeview HD channel 60 and SD channel 59 causes severe interference and pixellation. 

Well, the 700Mhz band is now at threat so you might have to do it all again as transmitter channels are re-allocated to make way for 5G transmissions. This will mean disruption for all Midlands transmitters for the next few years.

I will update with more information in due course and provide links to the relevant websites.

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