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3G Router and Antennae Service

Kimcomm AV has added a new product to its Business Networking portfolio - 3G Router and Aerial installations. In some remote areas (and some not so remote) ASDSL broadband speeds are still very low and in some cases less than 1Mbit/s download. This speed does not allow for on demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer, Apple TV, Netflix etc. However, we can provide a 3G solution that is as cost-effective as a broadband ADSL service (Mobile Operator dependant) and can provide download speeds between 3-6Mbit/s and upload speeds of 600Kbit/s to 1.6Mbit/s. Round trip delay (ping) can be as low as 75msec. 

Kimcomm will survey your location for the best signal strength and quality from all of the nearest 3G operators and recommend the most appropriate antennae and router combination. We will then install the equipment and configure your router. The examples below show a 6dB external antennae and a Dataroute Voice 3G Wifi router. The router has 4 Ethernet ports and also a voice port to connect to a traditional BT type telephone.

Typically, this service is used in Caravan parks, building sites and temporary build sites, rural locations and as ADSL broadband back-up. Contact us now if this service is of interest to you.

3G Omni Antennae3G Router


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