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The technology available for the Home Cinema market is astounding these days and always progressing to the next "Big Thing". We now have SMART HD, 3D capable TVs which are capable to delivering a lot of functionality, we have wireless audio systems such as Sonos which can stream masses of audio content from the Internet, iTunes, iPods, NAS devices. The key though is that all these systems are becoming part of the same thing i.e they are being integrated into a single homogenous audio visual home network. The introduction of Fibre Broadband and Cloud storage technologies adds yet another dimension to what is already becoming a very complicated and possibly confusing market.  

But don't worry because this is where KimcommAV can help. Not only do we have years of experience in the Telecoms and Data Network industries but we have skill and experience in Home Cinema and Audio Visual as well. In fact we are members of the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) and accredited Home Technology Professionals.

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Kimberlee Communications can design and configure a system to suit your requirements, for example...

  • Multi-room audio via Sonos, Nuvo, Russound (and more) wired and wireless audio systems
  • Home Cinema design, installation and configuration
  • iPhone/iPAD integration for remote viewing and remote control
  • High Definition (1080p) multi-room distribution via Cat 5/6/7 cable and HDMI Matrix switching with remote control
  • IP/Broadband network integration enabling online applications such as BBC iPlayer, Youtube, flickr type digital content streaming to the room of your choice
  • We can tailor an installation to suit your requirements i.e cables can be concealed within walls or within aesthetic trunking, furniture can be hand-crafted
  • Specialists in Plasma, LCD and LED mounting and SMART TV network configuration
  • We can integrate Freeview, Satellite and CCTV into your home viewing experience

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Kimberlee Communications has gained accreditations with Cedia, Aldous Systems and Armour Home Electronics as:

  • An Aldous Systems Home Network Installer including multi-room Audio
  • A Home Automation Incorporated (HAI) installer
  • A Nevo Studio Pro programmer for universal remote control and home automation solutions
  • CEDIA audio visual design and installation
  • CEDIA Certified EST2 Professional
  • CEDIA Structured Cabling Assessor


If you are planning on purchasing a new TV that will require wall mounting, please consider the following points before asking for an estimate - it will save a bit of time:

  • What is the make and model of the TV (Is it a Plasma, LED or LCD and what is the model number)
  • What devices will you be connecting to it (I.e Sky box, DVD player, Playstation, Freeview aerial etc)
  • Where is the TV to be mounted (chimney breast, alcove wall, bedroom wall etc)
  • What type of mounting bracket do you require (simple wall mount, tilting wall mount or cantilever ) 
  • Or, have you already purchased your own TV mounting bracket and is so what type is it?
  • Where will the connecting devices be in relation to the TV once it is wall mounted (will there be a cabinet directly beneath the TV to house SKY, DVD player etc or is the cabinet in a different location to the TV) - This is important as it determines the type of interconnecting cables required
  • Depending on where the TV is to be mounted there may be some minor building works (channeling out walls to conceal cables, installing power sockets for example).
  • KimcommAV has access to a network of trades including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, builders and decorators

So, if you are considering a new build project and want to "future-proof" the technical infrastructure or just simply want to install a good reliable Home Cinema system then we can help. For more information please visit the CONTACT page 

More information about how Kimcomm can help you with your connected Home project can be downloaded here : CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OR VIEW THE PDF DOCUMENT



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KIMCOMM AV is a new type of communications company providing a wide range of Digital TV, Satellite, CCTV, Audio Visual and Network services to residential and business customers in the county of Worcestershire.