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Kimberlee Communications can provide the following CCTV and additional Security services:

  • Installation and configuration of traditional CCTV and IP security camera systems - including DVR software and systems (recording)
  • We can now offer Analogue High Definition using using TVI, AHD or CDVI technology - that gives you up to 5Mega Pixel resolution at analogue prices.
  • 4, 8, 16+ camera systems, with high quality Cameras, Digital Recoders with iPhone, Smartphone viewing applications
  • Internet integration - we will configure your Broadband router to enable remote control or viewing of your system via a PC/Laptop/Smartphone - from anywhere in the world (usually requires WiFi connectivity but some work well with 3G and now of course 4G)
  • We can integrate your live CCTV pictures into your existing TV distribution system allowing you to view your front door, garden, garage etc on any TV!
  • Battery Back-up (UPS) systems to enable your security system to keep on working in the event of a mains power failure
  • Door Entry Systems - Audio and Video, single and multi-tenant, wired and wireless.
  • Electronic Security Gates - to suit all types of gates and barriers, we can also arrange for gates to be made to order.
  • Perimeter Alarms - wired or wireless

Things to consider before purchasing a CCTV system:

  1. What are you trying to protect – is this a car, door, entrance, shop, car park, internal, external etc
  2. Do you require day and night operation I.e PIR capable camera
  3. Are you looking for prevention or detection – I.e deter or catch in the act?
  4. What quality are you looking for – a) fairly low (analogue cameras operate at 420 lines resolution), b) ok (600 lines) c) good (IP HD quality 720 to 1080P ) or d) very good (unto 8MPixel 4K UHD)
  5. Do you have a security guard function capable of monitoring live footage
  6. Do you require a standalone monitor/s
  7. Do you require system access and control via PC/Laptop/Smart Phone
  8. Do you have a legal requirement to operate and manage a CCTV system
  9. What CCTV signage are you legally obliged to display
  10. How long would you like recorded data to remain on the hard drive - we can assist you with this.

There are many other considerations but these will help you at least getting an idea of what your requirement is prior to contacting us. This of course will help getting to a quotation that meets your needs.

 Prices however, will be job specific so please contact us by calling : 01905 753605 or by completing the enquiry form here.

CCTV Camera Housing

Kimberlee Communications works with partners such as Dynamic CCTV, Alltrade and System Q

Home security camera systems do not have to be dedicated hard-wired systems that standalone from your home PC. IP (Internet Protocol) web cameras connect to your home broadband router (via Ethernet cable or WiFi) and can be configured so that you can access them via a web browser at any time and anywhere in the world. IP Cameras now support High Definition image quality from 1080p to full 4K UHD resolution.

You can have a single camera system or a multi-camera system and you can view all cameras simultaneously. You can also control your cameras remotely i.e. digital zoom, pan and tilt. Some cameras also have an audio channel so that you can listen as well as watch. Additionally, you can record direct to your PC/Laptop hard disk drive.

Domestic security camera installation and configuration - we can either provide and install all equipment or we can install and configure equipment that you have already purchased.

We will be happy to provide a free estimate and discuss your security requirements. Please contact us on 01905 753605 or 07793065448 or use the  Contact Us form.

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Kimberlee Communications accepts the following credit/debit cards for payment via secure Chip and Pin.

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