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Freeview Re-tune problems!!!!!

Following the DSO however you may still have to manually retune your TV due to your TV being able to "see" two transmitters (i.e Sutton Coldfield and Bromsgrove or Malvern and Ridge Hill). When you Auto Tune, your TV will scan the entire UHF spectrum and due to the increased transmitter power since DSO your TV aerial will pick up signals from more than one transmitter and try to decode them. This can result in a lower strength/quality signal being tuned in and TV programmes will freeze and "pixellate" or break up. Manual tuning will overcome this. If your TV does NOT have a manual tune option then we can fit a filter to "hide" the unwanted signals.

Malvern DTV Spectrum

Kimcomm AV use state of the art spectrum analysers to test, measure and diagnose digital and analogue TV and Satellite aerial systems for business and residential customers. The picture above is a spectrum snapshot of a healthy DTV signal being received from the Malvern transmitter. At Kimcomm AV we always take the time to ensure that the signal is as perfect as it can be before we connect the cable to your TV. 

If, even after the DSO, you are still having Freeview reception issues Kimcomm can help. We used advanced spectrum analysers as mentioned above to identify sources of possible interference or just to indicate the correct type of aerial for your location. As an example we overcame the challenges of Freeview reception at a property that was at the bottom of a gulley with houses all around it. The solution was a 20ft pole and a Vision "Stealth" aerial system with a 20dB Mast Head Amplifier.

4G LTE logo

The next challenge we are going to be faced with is possible interference from the new range of 4G mobile broadband services termed LTE (Long Term Evolution). As a direct result of UHF spectrum clear out post DSO, the 800Mhz band (channels 61 to 68) has been allocated to a number of mobile operators for the delivery of 4G services. Therefore there is the possibility of Freeview DTT channel interference, particularly channels 55 to 60. Within the Midlands region this really only impacts the Malvern transmitter.

Don't worry though as there are solutions - in most cases an LTE filter will be supplied free of charge for the consumer to fit. However, where distribution or mast head amplifiers are installed it will be a bit more complex and a qualified engineer will need to visit to carry out signal analysis tests.

You will be pleased to know that Kimberlee Communications was one of the first companies to pass the RDI 4G exam and is accredited as a 4G approved member.

Roll out of 4G services will progress during 2013 so please contact us should you experience sudden problems (typically picture break up and pixellation on BBC, ITV and C4 HD channels but could be others as well)

Freesat and SKY:

As an alternative to Freeview as a means of receiving Digital TV there is a satellite method called Freesat. Freesat is a Digital TV service provided by the BBC and ITV that is delivered via satellite. Freesat provides more channels than Freeview and also caters for High Definition reception. Future enhancements will include the ability to connect to your home broadband network so that services such as BBC iPlayer can be viewed via your television set as well as gaining access to video files stored on your computer hard drive.

Freesat can now work in much the same way as SKY multi-room in that you don't have to have a Freesat decoder in every room. With the installation of a remote eye and SCART modulator you can view and change channels in rooms that do not have a Freesat decoder (Set top box). As s customer you save money by not having to purchase a Freesat set top box for every TV.

Freesat decoders now come in full HD (BBC1, BBC, ITV1, Channel 4), have BBC iPlayer (internet conenction required) and some have SLINGPLAYER capability.

Please click the link below to find out more about Freesat:

Multi-room operation:

Quite simply the ability to watch and control your Digital TV (Freeview), Satellite (SKY or Freesat), DAB or FM radio, Blu Ray Player and even your CCTV cameras in any room independantly.

  • You can have your SKY+ Digibox in your main living room but watch it in any other room you desire - you can even change channels independantly
  • You can have upto 4 individual SKY Set Top Boxes (3 if one is SKY+)
  • You can pipe Freeview and SKY to all your rooms
  • You can pipe Freesat to multiple locations
  • If you have a CCTV camera at the front door you can relay the images to any TV in the house
  • If you receve Digital or Analogue radio (DAB or FM) via an aerial you can pipe this to any room in the house.

And if you are lucky enough to have the lot you can pipe it all around the house for the complete home entertainment experience.

Aerial and Satellite Installations

  • Digital Aerial, SKY, Freesat, DAB and FM radio installations
  • SKY + and SKY +HD Installations
  • SKY TV, Freesat, DAB, FM and CCTV Multi-room solutions
  • Satellite dish alignment and control to multiple satellites (Astra 2, Hotbird etc) to enable more free-to-air channels to be viewed (i.e Different language channels such as Polish, French and German)

Satellite Dish System

Motorised Satellite Installations: For multiple satellite tracking and reception of multiple Satellites. Please note that the range of satellites will depend on factors such as dish size (bigger the better), latitude and longitude, dish elevation and line of sight.

LED, LCD and Plasma TV wall mounting: Whatever your requirement we can accommodate it. We can supply the brackets, chase out walls and make good, conceal all cables within decorative trunking or within the wall/cavity. Once your new SMART TV is safely mounted we can also calibrate it to ensure optimum viewing and performance and configure it to enable Internet streaming. We have some lovely examples in our picture gallery.

HD distribution around the home. Watch your SKY HD or Blu-Ray movies in glorious full 1080p in which ever room you like and control your devices remotely (Sky Box, Blu-Ray player, X-Box etc) (without having to have SKY Multi-room and lots of set top boxes)

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